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Our Philosophy

Margin Authority is devoted to helping small and medium-size businesses understand their financial performance. Whether there are cash flow issues or product cost concerns, we can help!

Our Services

We understand the success of your business and the success of your finances are one and the same. Let Margin Authority be the catalyst to bring your business to the next generation.

Break Even

Learn a very important aspect of your business. How many sales does my company need a month to cover costs?


Do I have the resources to hire another employee? With a sound profit plan, the decision is at your fingertips.

Profit Margin

This is what makes Margin Authority different. We take a comprehensive approach to understanding your product cost. We dig into your numbers to truly understand your profit margins and help offer solutions

Cash Flow

Cash Flow gets overlooked by business of any size. Cash is the lifeblood of your organization. Margin Authority can provide education and strategies to help increase your cash.

Debt Reduction

Often times businesses assume debt. And not all debt is bad (i.e. credit lines and mortgages, etc.) The debt could be from growth, acquisition or start-up. Margin Authority can help you with a plan to minimize or eliminate.

Financial Risk

There are inherent risks to doing business. Let Margin Authority help discover them and propose solutions.

Are you measuring the health of your business by sales alone?

You aren’t alone. But that’s just one of the important metrics for determining the overall health and sustainability of your business. Knowing ALL of your numbers, and understanding how they influence one another, helps you make better decisions in your business allowing you to guide rather than react.

Industries We Serve

Food Production

Whether you are making craft beer, or you supply fruit slurries to an ice cream company, we can help.


Plumbers and Electricians need to maximize profits as well.


Manufacturing is in our blood!

Machine Shops

Do you have a steady customer base? We can help find ways to increase your gross margin.

Automotive Repair

We love cars at Margin Authority. And we have 5 years in the Auto Body Repair industry.


It’s always a good idea to know where you are heading with your business. Even a simple plan can give insight into opportunities for the future.

Our Process

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Identify Pain Points and Goals

The first thing we do is spend time with you to understand your business and ask pointed questions to better understand your challenges and opportunities.


Milestones and Deliverables

Next we will send you an Engagement Letter which will clearly define what needs to be done and when.


Ongoing Evaluation

Although we try to be as complete as possible, we will find more opportunities for your business through the process. We will identify these and help get them resolved.

Fractional financial services that give you hope.

With a Fractional CFO, your company receives the tools to make impactful and positive change.


Why Margin Authority?

Accounting isn't just a set of isolated financial tasks. It's actually insight into how to sustain and grow your business. Accounting should be a value add.

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